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JobSearch Trends

It shows search behavior on the Swedish Public Employment Service’s Job Board Platsbanken over time.

JobSearch Trends is a data set with files that contain top search keywords on the Swedish Public Employment Service’s Job Board Platsbanken. New files are to be generated daily with the most common keywords within profession, language, skills, location, and employer, among others. The dataset consists today of JSON files, which make raw data available in a structured way. The available raw data goes through a quality assurance process. The dataset can be used to simplify processes for building and training algorithms concerning machine learning.

Which solutions does the product provide?

By using the dataset, it is possible to follow trends and analyze search behaviors within the labour market area.

For whom the product is created?

The dataset can be useful for companies, organisations, and even private persons, who would like to understand better the search behavior within the labour market area, by using structured and aggregated raw data.

What problem does the product solve?

The dataset is free of charge and available for anyone to use.

The dataset is under ongoing development, and we are happy to get feedback and suggestions for improvements from our users. Do you want to more about JobSearch Trends, feel free to contact us or discuss it in our Community Forum.

For whom is the product created?

Data format
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