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About the Platform

JobTech Development is the Swedish Public Employment Service's initiative to establish a coherent digital infrastructure for the entire labour market and all aspects of professional life. Currently, more than 200 stakeholders from the business sector, academia, and the public sector gather here to openly and freely share data, knowledge, and programming code, with the aim of fostering an inclusive and data-driven labour market. We are convinced that collaboration, innovation, and common technical solutions are key components for addressing our society's significant challenges in the future.

We encourage everyone to collaborate and share open data, open-source code, and experiences. Utilise our APIs, open data, and technical components completely free of charge to develop solutions. Feel free to provide feedback on the platform's technical components or ongoing projects. Reach out to the platform's community team for inquiries or assistance with getting started. For support regarding the technical components, visit our Community Forum and engage in discussions there.

Together, we can create a better labour market for everyone!